Academic and Educational Couneslor


Location:Medical Education and Training Campus (METC), Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA), San Antonio, TX


  • Sustain an extremely complicated and complex program that provides Academic and Formal Education Counseling Services. The program encompasses providing academic and education counseling services to all active duty and reserve service members from all military services while assigned to METC.
  • Serves as Academic Counselor to students who receive college level instruction and curriculum.
  • Serves as Education Counselor to staff in regard to the attainment of higher formal education degrees and certifications.
  • Plans own work in accordance with the need command guidance and interpreting the effect of outside agencies on training matters.
  • Provides feedback to supervisor of potentially controversial matters and takes steps to resolve the problem.
  • Serves as technical expert throughout the METC in matters pertaining to education, learning and academic counseling.
  • Establishes priorities, plans, and schedules and assigns work to accomplish the mission.
  • Advises superiors on changes in policy and their effect on the mission.
  • Establishes deadlines for development of course plans and criteria for course content.
  • Initiates and provides consultation in the design and development of programs providing academic counseling services based on approved critical objectives.
  • Provides professional academic and education counseling services.
  • Gives guidance in a non-supervisory capacity to METC staff and students by developing programs designed to assist students in learning.
  • Addresses issues that arise with student learning and studying.
  • Assists with the operation of the METC Student Learning Center and the Instructor Resources Center.
  • Serves as SME for academic counseling and learning programs.
  • Consultant to the F&SD supervisor on all matters relating to providing academic counseling services to METC students and staff.
  • This shall include all aspects of the METC counseling program to include the organization, administration, review, development, analysis and general effectiveness of the program.
  • Assures that accurate information is disseminated utilizing sound educational techniques.
  • Develops and uses follow-up surveys to evaluate work performance.
  • Develops educational procedures and standards and establishes performance requirements to be used by METC F&SD to evaluate instructors’ preparation in the use of proper counseling techniques.
  • Provides guidance and assistance to all instructors in the development of new and innovative approaches to instruction to facilitate student learning.
  • Ensures that the technical information provided is disseminated, current and accurate.
  • Gives advice, counsel, and instruction to instructors to improve quality of academic counseling provided to students.
  • Provides education counseling services to instructors related to continuing personal and professional education.
  • Develops and evaluates curriculum.
  • Develops and revise courses to envelop new concepts and technology in academic and career counseling techniques.
  • Maintains manpower and logistical requirements needed to maintain an adequate training environment, meeting military and accreditation guidelines.
  • Evaluates the attrition rate of METC students and recommends corrective action.
  • Studies, analyzes and develops methods to improve student outcomes and training problems to include the use of technology.
  • Screens prerequisites for component services in order to insure the proper level of academic preparation for the incoming students.
  • Develops the performance standards for academic and career counseling programs by establishing program goals and standards, which are annually reported to the IDD Dean; with evaluations and recommended solutions to any identified trends and deficiencies.
  • Monitors the latest techniques and strategies related to academic counseling and learning to include the use of technology.
  • Stays abreast of innovations in educational technology, concepts, techniques, and equipment as applied to military service school, civilian educational and industrial communities; by reading literature, attending graduate, postgraduate courses, seminars and educational institutions.
  • Reviews and evaluates component service policies and procedures in relation to education and training and academic counseling in order to develop counseling programs that improve student learning.
  • Provides training programs to the teaching staff, in regard to academic counseling and learning techniques.
  • Provides educational career counseling to staff that is pursuing higher level education.

*All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color religion, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class, sex or national origin.*

• Master’s degree (10 years’ experience) or Bachelor’s degree (20 years’ experience) • Experience as an academic and education counselor; to include experience in academic counseling • Experience teaching in an education related field as an appointed faculty member