In 2013, TeAM Tradition Continues

The new year has always marked a time of traditions, say, belatedly taking down your Christmas tree, returning Santa's mistakes to the nearest department store, writing the wrong year on checks until sometime in mid-March 2012, er, 13.

And, of course, New Year's resolutions.

At TeAM, we have but one resolution: To provide even greater service and better solutions to the Federal Government.

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Unlike many resolutions, which are often an already-broken promise by halftime of the Rose Bowl, TeAM's has stood the test of time.

For 27 years, TeAM has offered better support, more solutions and a wider range of services each year, one after the next. From the small shop that opened its doors in 1985 until the present, when TeAM has offices across the National Capital Region as well as in San Antonio and is one of the fastest growing small business contractors, TeAM has continually improved itself, reinventing and recalibrating as needed, reinvigorating our client projects as a matter of habit.

At TeAM, saying farewell to a year as successful as 2012 is not easy. In the past year, we grew tremendously, added another civilian agency to our portfolio of clients, and undertook continual improvement in methodology and process to better serve the Department of Defense, including the Military Health System, and the Federal Government at large.

At the center of our constant improvement are solutions.

At TeAM, we don't simply manage the process or passively staff our projects. We leverage every ounce of expertise across multiple contracts, backgrounds and disciplines to create a Federal know-how database that we believe is unparalleled among small businesses. We create solutions for our clients to ensure that we finish our work with the agency in a better place than when we found it.

For more than a quarter of a century, TeAM has served as the Government's solutions provider, a role we will continue into 2013 and well beyond. With the looming specter of decreased Federal spending in the coming years, TeAM's focus on enabling speed to market and providing self-sustaining solutions will be an even more valuable tool for our clients.

Such focus guarantees continually improved service. We don't simply rest on our laurels, be it January 1, July 1 or any date in between. At TeAM, our guiding philosophy is improving on improvements, quickly moving to the next play, even after a big win.

So as the New Year dawns, we at TeAM would like to make public our continued commitment to the Federal Government and promise to provide another record-setting year of superior Government solutions.

Now you'll excuse us. We have a Christmas tree we need to take care of.


About TeAM

Technology, Automation and Management, an ISO 9001:2008 registered, Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) is a premier solutions provider to the Federal Government. Specializing in program management, information assurance, systems engineering and web development, TeAM has served as a partner to the U.S. Government since 1985 and as proud ally of the Military Health System continuously since 1991. With offices around the National Capital Region as well as San Antonio, TeAM provides a flexible, responsive support system for Federal allies, combining big-business expertise with small-business agility.