TeAM Proudly Salutes Veterans

At Technology Automation and Management Inc. (TeAM), Veterans Day is not observed as an official holiday.

Unofficially, however, it is observed each and every day in our offices.

At TeAM, our veteran owned small-business status is more than just a line on a business card or fodder for marketing materials. We consider it our highest honor and foremost duty.

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"TeAM is a company built by veterans and proudly serving veterans," says TeAM CEO and founder Charles G. Davis, an Air Force veteran who swung upon the doors of TeAM in 1985. "So much of what I have accomplished is due to the training and support of the United States military, and that is a debt I remember every day."

While veterans returning from abroad have struggled to find jobs, TeAM has welcomed many with open arms. More than 25 percent of TeAM's staff are veterans of the United States military, including Davis, as well as TeAM's Chief Technical Officer and its Southwest Region Director. TeAM actively recruits among separating veterans, believing in a core philosophy of structured innovation, that is, that military skillsets may be repurposed in new and increasingly efficient ways.

As a loyal partner of the Department of Defense continuously since 1985 and a proud ally of the Military Health System since 1991, TeAM's veterans, spanning each of the service branches, help find common ground in the increasingly joint efforts in military health care. Understanding the differences between Navy healthcare requirements, in and out of theater, and, for example, Army practices, allows TeAM to speak the language of each individual service and develop bridges for joint missions, such as support of JTF CapMed.

However, TeAM’s commitment to the military isn’t just about who the company works for; it’s about who the company is as well.

"As a company that stands alongside the Department of Defense and the Military Health System, as TeAM does, having staff that are veterans helps provide an extra level of focus and added layer of perspective to what we do," Davis said. "We're proud of each of our veterans, not simply for what they've done, but what they continue to do. No one understands the needs of the recipients of MHS support like someone who's been there. "

More importantly, Davis says, the large number of veterans helps the company keep its focus on the most important end user of Department of Defense initiatives, the service members themselves.

“Everything I do is personal. I take it to heart,” explains TeAM’s Cameron Abbott, a program manager for a Military Health System client and Army veteran. “What I do is very rewarding because I know what I do directly affects our service members. At TeAM, the question we ask is not only what is best for our customer, but what is best for our service members?”

Davis credits his own military background as a key component to the success of his 27-year-old company, and sees continued service to the DoD and MHS in particular as a way of paying back that training.

“We have resolutely supported the Department of Defense for more than a quarter century and eagerly look forward to the next quarter century,” Davis said. “As long as TeAM is around, we will be there when our service members need us.”

To provide world-class services, of course, and, each and every day of the year, to say thanks. Even if it's not an official holiday.

About TeAM

Technology, Automation and Management, an ISO 9001:2008 registered, Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) is a premier solutions provider to the Federal Government. Specializing in program management, information assurance, systems engineering and web development, TeAM has served as a partner to the U.S. Government since 1985 and as proud ally of the Military Health System continuously since 1991. With offices around the National Capital Region as well as San Antonio, TeAM provides a flexible, responsive support system for Federal allies, comprising big-business expertise with small-business agility.