TeAM Proudly Salutes Veterans

At TeAM, Memorial Day is never simply a day off.

For TeAM and CEO and Air Force veteran Charles G. Davis, it’s a reminder of the duty and privilege that come along with being a Department of Defense contractor.

“As a former member of the military, and simply as an American, it’s an honor to be able to serve those who serve us,” Davis said. “While we support many clients and many federal agencies, being able to provide any assistance to our service members is what we at TeAM are most gratified by.”

For Davis, TeAM’s veteran-owned status is more than a selling point on a business card. It’s a source of pride and a debt of responsibility TeAM takes seriously. Since the company’s founding in 1985, TeAM has continuously supported the DoD. Since 1990, TeAM has served as a proud ally of the Military Health System.

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However, TeAM’s commitment to the military isn’t just about who the company works for; it’s about who the company is as well.

Currently, nearly a quarter of TeAM’s staff are veterans, including Davis, as well as the company’s Chief Technical Officer, its San Antonio regional director, and personnel across the company’s portfolio of contracts. In the week leading up to each Memorial Day, Davis publicly thanks each of TeAM’s veterans for their service.

“We’re proud to welcome service members on our TeAM,” Davis said. “No one understands the terrain like those who have been there. As a veteran, it’s a pleasure to help other veterans along in their career.”

TeAM’s veterans span each of the branches of the military, which often helps find a common ground on the increasing number of joint task efforts the company supports. More importantly, the large number of veterans helps the company keep its focus on the most important end user of Department of Defense initiatives, the service members themselves.

“My perspective is that everything I do is personal. I take it to heart,” explains TeAM’s Cameron Abbott, a program manager for a Military Health System client. “What I do is very rewarding because I know what I do directly affects our service members. At TeAM, the question we ask is not only what is best for our customer, but what is best for our service members?”

Davis credits his own military background as a key component to the success of his 27-year-old company, and sees continued service to the DoD and MHS in particular as a way of paying back that training.

“We have resolutely supported the Department of Defense for more than a quarter century and eagerly look forward to the next quarter century,” Davis said. “As long as TeAM is around, we will be there when our service members need us.”

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Founded in 1985, TeAM, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), is a premier provider of IT solutions to the Federal Government, specializing in all facets of military health care.  TeAM, a professional services company, maintains a long and productive relationship with the Department of Defense and numerous federal agencies. Located in Falls Church, Va., and San Antonio, Texas, TeAM is organized to be accessible and responsive to clients' needs, matching superior service with the latest industry methodologies and technologies. Coupling decades of expertise and experience with a firm commitment to client needs, TeAM offers an unparalleled combination of small-business agility with big-business expertise.