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Even for the Internal Revenue Service, whose workforce outnumbers the population of Fargo, N.D., implementing the provisions of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) is no bite-sized task.

The act, signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010, introduced multiple reforms to public health care and, for the IRS, requires updates to items ranging from numerous tax credits to Flexible Spending Arrangements, to an excise tax on indoor tanning, as well as setting new requirements for hospitals to maintain tax-exempt status.

According to the IRS, ACA implementation, which has already begun with certain provisions and will continue through at least 2014, is the mammoth federal agency’s largest undertaking of the year.

For TeAM and its valued partner Soft-Con Enterprises, however, that daunting challenge is a defining opportunity.

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TeAM will provide support to the IRS’ ACA implementation Project Management Office, which will in turn support each project related to the ACA, as part of a team headed by Soft-Con.

The singular focus of the contracting team is to provide repeatable, industry-best practices to the IRS, so that the agency can train its staff in the most efficient, economical and above all effective manner.

"Because of the scale of the ACA implementation, it is vital that TeAM offers a methodology that can be reused on multiple projects in multiple geographic locations across multiple time frames," TeAM Vice President or Operations April Noble said. "We are proud to help the IRS and Soft-Con in this endeavor."

TeAM's job is to ensure that those who train current and future IRS employees adhere to established principles and methodologies, to ensure consistency and streamline training, guaranteeing effective education and cost savings.

TeAM’s newest employee, Kathryn Thomas, will lead the company’s effort. Thomas recently earned her Agile Scrum Master certification and will develop and implement programs in Agile methodology to be applied on all projects in the agency's ACA adoption unit. Thomas will also train IRS personnel to serve as Agile trainers, in addition to creating in-classroom and e-learning materials. The training methodology TeAM itself uses is rooted in industry-best practices, offering a proven framework with organizational flexibility to respond to the IRS’ individual needs on this unique challenge.

“Precisely in the way that we will train IRS personnel to employ Agile training, TeAM will utilize a series of industry-best methodologies to ensure we deliver similarly effective and economical training," Noble said.

The project is the latest training development and curriculum program for TeAM, which has previously developed and implemented training plans for the TRICARE Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCMO) and other federal partners.

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