Engineering, Research & Innovation

TeAM helps your agency to conquer the problems of today with the solutions of tomorrow. 
From speciality engineering through systems engineering, network design and capacity planning, to big-picture innovation solutions, TeAM helps you achieve your mission with the best people, procesesses and technology available.
Our Capabilities
  • Technology Research & Innovation Support
  • Systems Engineering
  • Capacity Planning
  • Network Engineering
  • Research Design
Technology Research & Innovation Support
  • Technology support services include conducting needs assessments, Risk versus Reward, market and gap analyses, evaluation and prototyping, customization, ROI determination
  • Technology portfolio management, review and refresh, with a view towards creating maximum business value and portfolio ‘fitness’ at minimum cost
  • Advanced technology identification and monitoring to maximize benefits from trends, market opportunities, and shared services for the Enterprise
  • Research and innovation application, leveraging capabilities within DOD, DHA, and Industry with established relationships across a broad spectrum of IT vendors
  • Proven approaches to Cloud infrastructure and cloud computing practices and testing Infrastructure Managed Services (TIMS) for the next generation Electronic Health Record
Engineering, Research & Innovation

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Systems Engineering
  • Available human capital resources; Certified Project Managers and Network Professionals, Network Engineers, CAD Design Engineers, Enterprise Network Specialists, Technicians, QA Analysts, Cybersecurity Specialists and Trainers
Capacity Planning
  • Capacity and Change Management, establishing new methodologies and processes, enabling organizations to meet changing demands for their products or services
  • Integral to Project Portfolio Management and IT governance, merging and balancing human capital resources with requirements to achieve and sustain peak operational efficiencies
  • Creation of adaptive strategic planning processes leading to IT Infrastructure improvements and modernization
Network Engineering
  • Design, engineer and implement integrated network solutions worldwide under federal modernization and customization programs
  • Systematic and proven methodology to ensure product interoperability, standards enforcement, and hardware/software compatibility
  • Employ Network metrics including protocol analysis, Internet protocol (IP), NetBEUI, simple network management protocol (SNMP), broadcast storm analysis, bandwidth utilization
Research Design 
  • Development of technology oriented research and strategies for Medical, Educational, Scientific and Engineering fields and related federal government programs
  • Meta-analysis, Systematic Reviews, Case reports and studies including clinical studies, market research, technology trials, qualitative and quantitative research
  • Provide expertise drawn from varied research activities, including those that address development of technology based innovation, such as remote solutioning, cybersecurity-compliant virtualization, and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions
Past Performance
TeAM has helped numerous federal agencies design and implement more capable IT to support their vital missions.
Defense Health Agency (DHA)
Advanced Technology Monitoring and Transition Support (ATM&TS)
  • Monitor and analyze Advanced Technology within the healthcare IT arena to enable senior executives to study, plan and take action on emerging technologies and trends to benefit the wide range of shared health services within the enterprise
  • Technology support services include research and innovation, preliminary surveys of technology domains and gap analyses, develop technology portfolios, develop and monitor technology radar, integrate all regulatory and agency standards and guidance into a fully implementable advanced technology transition program
  • Serve as the central authority for all HIT’s technology domains monitoring activities across the agency and undertake process optimization to meet DHA and HIT’s goals and strategies
Defense Health Agency (DHA)
Force Health Protection and Readiness (FHP&R) Program Operational Support
  • Provide business process reengineering, logistical, acquisition support and program management to the Healthcare Operations Directorate/Readiness Division (formerly FHP&R), DHA, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, managing all requirements in the government’s MHS Requirements Repository (Serena and DOORS)
  • System Requirements Reviews, Preliminary Design Reviews, Critical Design Reviews
  • Conducted case studies to assess process flows within the Deployment Technologies and Support Programs, improving requirements management oversight and productivity
  • TeAM wrote a Medical Logistics Business Intelligence/Decision Support Capability Process to include cost per employee, learning times, and verified designer-built models, collected cost/knowledge value added data to build “As-Is” and “To-Be” cost/benefit scenarios
  • Conducted weekly Integrated Process Team (IPT) work group sessions with the Defense Medical Logistics Proponent Committee, Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Center, and Service representatives
Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA)
Cost Analysis Program Support
  • TeAM provided cost analysis/estimating expertise and market research to assist Project Officers with estimating costs of acquisition initiatives, established acquisition strategies, project Work Breakdown Structures and integrated schedules
  • Assisted the Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) development phase of the acquisition process, meeting with the SGR Deputy and Officers to define cost analysis/estimating process improvements.
Defense Health Agency (DHA)
Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) Program Management Support
  • Provided Enterprise Infrastructure (now I&O) with a full range of business operations and lifecycle program management to operate and maintain the communications and computing infrastructure (CCI) of DHA’s healthcare delivery and business systems that provide healthcare for 9.7 million DoD beneficiaries worldwide
  • 50+ Subject Matter Experts and program management professionals employ industry best practices embodied in the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration-Acquisition (CMMI-Acq), Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBoK) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library Version 3 (ITILv3) Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) model.
Defense Health Information Management Systems (DHIMS)
Engineering Management Support
  • Provided Engineering and Configuration Management, Requirements Management and Theater stakeholder management, Studies and Analyses
  • Engineering management support included Systems Engineering and Integration, Software Integration and Coordination, Systems Operations and Maintenance Management, as well as advisory and administrative program management
  • Assisted DHIMS with a multi-year business process improvement program leading to achieving a Level 2 rating in compliance with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework
  • Supported deployment of DHIMS software, including the Theater Medical Data Store, the theater database for collecting, distributing and viewing medical information in theater.