TeAM is a one-stop shop for solutions to any problem where "best of breed" training approaches can make a difference. We offer proven expertise in the use of cutting-edge technology to create targeted courseware for a range of training needs. TeAM's courseware includes online simulations, interactive practice and testing, online student progress tracking, classroom instruction, and blended learning. Our specialty is delivering training courseware that produces direct, cost-effective results.

Interactive Blended Learning

TeAM training is designed to offer the whole learning package. First, we consult with potential trainees and content experts for a comprehensive analysis of the training objectives. Second, we choose among the range of tools and approaches for the blend best suited to achieving training goals with the maximum return on investment. Third, we track and refine existing courseware as necessary to suit changing realities and needs. TeAM's training mission is to produce results in the workplace.

eTraining and Distance Learning

TeAM uses the latest technologies to bring complete training solutions to the Internet, to any intranet, or to stand-alone computer environments. Among the tools we use to develop eTraining products are Java, ASP, JavaScript, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia UltraDev, Cold Fusion, etc. However, we never lose sight of the fact that effective training solutions should not be driven by technology, but supported by it. TeAM produces eTraining solutions that give people the tools they need to solve real business problems.

On-Site Training

TeAM's trainers have traveled the world to deliver targeted training solutions face-to-face, and have earned over 90% "Excellent" ratings from hundreds of trainees. We use a "blended learning" approach that integrates stand-up instructions, printed and online support materials, hands-on computer practice, and one-on-one expert support to deliver on-site training solutions that produce immediate, measurable results.